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Artist Block...

2010-03-03 18:29:56 by BlackUniGryphon

I've been in kind of an artist block for a while... meh...

New Computer

2010-02-17 19:37:21 by BlackUniGryphon

I finally got my new computer!

Gotta transfer old files to the new comp, plus get new programs.

I wanna finally get back to some serious animation. Looks like I got alot of practicing to do.

New Computer


I spent 3+ hours working on a project in Photoshop! then I rebooted my computer because my RAM was low, and my kid wanted to do homework!

Then, the file was computed! GRRRR!!!!!!!!

I'm sooooooooo mad!!!!!!!

Photoshop File Corupted! ARG!!!!

Windows 7 Launch parties Are So lame! And, Friggin' REAL!!!!

2009-10-20 23:31:39 by BlackUniGryphon

Seriously! Go to You Tube and search "Windows 7 launch party"

THIS IS THE DUMBEST BULLSHIT EVER!!!!! Hosting Your Windows 7 launch Party!

OMG! I have to laugh at how absolutely STUPID THIS IS!!!!!

And, it's Fekking REAL! Micro soft actually paid real Fekking money for this dumb shit!!!!!

You mean U actually expect people to have stupid ass launch parties for Windows 7??? WTF!!!!!!!!!


And, the lame ass video has over 1 million views!

Yeah, how 'bout this?: I host a party because I just breathed some air, and I also have a pimple on my EAR!!!!!!!!

XD ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously man! I'm laughing so damned hard, tears are coming from my eyes!!!!!!

Windows 7 Launch parties Are So lame! And, Friggin' REAL!!!!

Art Tutorials: Hands, Feet, Basic Shading And Refrences

2009-10-18 13:51:51 by BlackUniGryphon

Go to: Forum > ART > BlackUniGryphon's Tutorials

The Tutorials are up in the Art Forum!

It took forever! That's why I asked if there was a better way to publish them. (There wasn't) and people left random comments, before I even finished publishing entry after entry.

I could only publish 1 graphic per entry, plus only up to 4 per every 1/2 hour. Took forever! Then: Drove me crazy!

I actually could do a whole book... but, no one's paying me... so... who knows?

I mostly created the tutorials as "cheat sheets" because I wanted to help people "get it" in a way that breaks it down into such a simple method, that it would feel so easy, that it was too easy! Then, once the practice was put into place, people would get bored with drawing the same old thing and push the limits of their thinking for drawing hands, because actually anyone can draw the simple poses if you practice them afew times. Just like everyone can draw the letter "A" because as children everyone had to practice writing "A" over & over.

But, also I wanted to help people conceptualize hands as just shapes and a few lines, so they could visualize it mentally. Instead of racking their brains thinking: How the heck do I do this?

Actually all complex things as nothing but basic things put together. Just figure out your basics, which tend to be very simple. Then when you put the together, you have what is seen as complex, or complexity. NOT complications nor the complicated.

I'll probably get more people bugging me to do cheat sheets for male hands, and illustrating the difference between male & female....

As for shading & reflections, I have cheats for that, just no tutorials. It would be easier to teach people in person. Especially when you're also teaching secondary lighting sources, or color theory.

Anyways, just go to the forum and download the graphics.

Yeah, I know you artists are all visual. But my typed stuff is full of insight also.

I try to keep the graphics as visual and easy to get as possible.

Art Tutorials: Hands, Feet, Basic Shading And Refrences

FREE Art Tutorials in The Forum

2009-10-17 01:02:09 by BlackUniGryphon

Unfortunately, the forum only allows me to post up to 4 entries per every 1/2 hour in a thread.

I also can't publish them as actual art in the art portal either. I've spoke to the admin, and they're not sure yet either... so they told me to post to the forum.

I've posted 8 basic tutorials shareware graphics which I created myself.

Go to: Forum > ART > BlackUniGryphon's Tutorials

I have 13 more, including more cheats on drawing hands, as well as feet.

I also have some animation frames (from my own animations) that I might post.

I can't do it today, but perhaps tomorow night, or Sunday.

FREE Art Tutorials in The Forum

I had no idea the amount of people that were on this site.

I'm rather gobsmacked!

I've only started publishing artwork since October 2nd, and already several of published peices are over 1000 views each... except the 1st one which was only about 800+.

I've been publishing my art content on Deviant Art for years (watched by over 600 users), and I never even get past 100 views on the 1st 2 weeks on any piece.

Wow! Where's all the traffic coming from???


Unbelievable Amount of Awesome Comunity Users!

Art & TRICKS to Refining Yourself as An Artist

2009-10-15 14:19:32 by BlackUniGryphon

Unbelievable! I logged in today and found a whole inbox of people wanting critiques.

I'm just like you guys. I need to practice and refine myself also.

But, I've given out the critiques. I don't always like to, because as an artist I know how sensitive people can be.

I just hope it helped.

The best Advice I can give to anyone is:

#1 DRAW!!!!! Draw! Draw! Draw! And, then Draw some more!

* Keep a sketchbook with you at all times, with pencils. It doesn;t matter what you are drawing, nor that it (in your opinion) sucks!
On The old Website of Chuck Jones (back in 2000-2001) he was quoted as saying something to the effect of: Everyone has a certain number of bad drawings stuck inside of them (He actually gave a real number, and it was several thousand). So, in order to get those drawings out of you you need to keep on drawing until they are all gone. then all you will have left is good drawings. And, they get better & better.

I know everyone hates that word 'practice" or "exercise", because those words sound like WORK or CHORES. And, who wants to do that??? So, I never use those words. That's why I tell people to draw. It should be because YOU LOVE drawing, or painting, or art. If you feel bad, or stressed about it, it will show.


* I'm sure some smart-ass is going to retort that this is the same thing as #1. DRAW! Yeah, well... this is more with intent!

You wanna know the secret to the quickest, best and fastest way to be a great artist, with great skills? ???

It's life drawing classes!

Now, you can always tell who's NEW at it. Newbies always prefer longer poses, so they can have more time, and work on the details. But, in truth, that won't help you. It takes too long.

What you REALLY want are the short quick poses, in the gesture drawing classes. This is because it forces the brain to visualize and familiarize its self with the human form. After doing this multiple times, it become 2nd nature. Just like after driving a car for a long while you no longer need to even think about what you do, you just feel it and do it.

This is exactly the same technique as ZEN. You do something over and over until you build "muscle memory". it's also a part of the mind called the "id". The "id" unlike the "ego" is what takes care of all automatic functions. For example, you do not give any thought when you use the toilet, nor the show. You just merely go though it ni an automatic process.

This is what quick gesture drawings do. It forces the brain to get into an automatic state of mental programmed knowningness. So, u already know where your pencils and lines will go onto the paper before you even touch it. Because you can see it in your mind. Hand, eye, mind coordinantion.

I don't care if you're THE WORST ARTIST in the world!!!! If you take Life Drawing Gesture classes at least twice a week (more is better) you will automatically improve your skills within 6 months. In fact, you will already see the improvement within 3. So, imagine what you will be in a full 12 months!

Combine that with keeping your sketchbook around you and always drawings, and you can imagine what you're skills will be.


You know how when you were a kid that parents and teachers would discourage you from day dreaming?

Well, forget ALL OF THAT!

You're an artist! You NEED TO DREAM!!!!! In fact, YOU MUST!

Some people like meditation, which does help. But, you can actually get really great results just by drifting off, spacing, out and going for regular day dreaming sessions. On the commute, in the gym, taking a walk, in the doctor's office, waiting for the bus.

Things that make you dream. Things that inspire you.


Anything to get you to day dream!

But, the trick is this. You're dreams WON'T help you at all unless you have feelings! You need to bring up these great feelings, and emotions!

Emotions & Dreams are your tools!

NO, they are not some thing that you need to avoid, or overcome, or detach from. feeling is what makes it work.

#4 Surround Yourself With Artists

Come across someone who's art you like? tell them so! Say HI, get to know them! Hang out! (No don't be a sycophantic fan-boy/girl) Get to know them, who they are, how they feel, what they think, the way they look at life, art, philosophies, etc.
Then, meet more artists, and get to know them.

The thing is, the more great artists you;re arruond, the more you auttomoattically pick up what they do, and become better!

But, guess what! It doesn't work in the reverse! Suppose you come across people whom are less skilled than you? Will that make you go down? NO!
Actually, it brings you up also.

When you come across artists whom art at the same level as you, it actually helps you, because it reinforces what you already know, plus you help them. You can help them by showing or teaching them or even just by example. This brings up their level, and it also brings up yours.

If ever someone comes along and helps you even by just showing or sharing something that really helps, just return the favor. You never know when it might be. But, just do it.

If ever art should be competitive, be sportsmanly about it. It should always be about friendly competition.

Plus, keep in mind, like I tell my daughter: There will always be someone better than you at something.

So, just think:
Go for you! And, that's for me too!

When it comes to art, there's no real right or wrong way. Find what works for you. Eventually it will be about you & your art anyway.

#5 Develop Your Own Style or Stylization

* This might sound tricky... but it will happen automatically anyway.

Just as everyone must learn to write by practicing writing letters & numbers over & over as a child, a handwriting style will emerge even tho' everyone studies the same way to write letters.

This should also occur in your art. You will notice over time that you will have sertain ways you make your lines, shading, compositions and so on.

It is also good to study and incorporate new styles, and learn from others as well.

But, please take caution why trying to be a carbon copy of another. Even after a while your own style will emerge anyways.

Once you have put in the time, and practice, you will start to notice this stylization more profoundly. People will be able to look at your art and know it was YOU whom created it, regardless of medium, or subject matter.


Now, what if you used to be really good, but now your skills have kinda gone down?

Well, that's EASY! Just get back into it!

it's actually still there. It'll never leave you. Just get back in, and you'll be fine.
Draw, draw, draw!

Surround yourself with people whom draw, do art, and you will too!

Art & TRICKS to Refining Yourself as An Artist

Props to the Admin'

2009-10-12 22:32:17 by BlackUniGryphon

Hey, you guys are alright!

Thanx for all the pleasant interactions with people whom get stuff done around here!

And, thanx to several of the users.

I know I get alot of interaction with minors, but I'm not begrudging anyone. I'm actually surprized how many kids are really honest about their age. I can respect that. :)

Thanx so much for being friendly this time around.

Man, afew years back I had some really bad experiences with people on this site, and didn't come back for a long time. I didn't even do anything...

I totally appreciate so much about the site.

Props to the Admin'

Monsters & Dragons!

2009-10-11 18:06:23 by BlackUniGryphon

So, I've been getting requests for more monsters & dragons.

Ok, fine! ^,^ Lucky for you I love to draw monsters!

NO, I don't do robots, or mech, or cars, infrastructure, machines, nor architecture stuffs.
Everyone has different tastes. So, if you don't like my stuff, I'm pretty sure there's several other artists you might prefer over me, since taste is highly personal in a matter of preference, and opinion.

My mothers idea of "good art" is paintings of ships sitting at a dock, or paintings of the beach, or flower vase still life.

I'll be adding my Chinese monsters.

Hope you liked the gryphons.

Anyways, I was relaxing for a while watching episodes of an old Canadian TV SciFi show written by Gene Rodenbury (The creator of "Star Trek") made shortly after he died.
It's called "Earth: Final Conflict"

You can tell it's Canadian 'cause it's kinda cheezy and B-movie quality! That's why I love it! Hee-hee! (Ever watch Troma Pictures films? Those are the MOST cheezy B-movies! U know u love 'em!)

Anyways, I never watched the whole show, because when it 1st aired I was poor college person/artist, then suddenly a busy working person... then i got lucky and watched a whole marathon on SciFi channel back when I had pay TV... ah... those were the days...I got hooked on it... but, then they messed up the timing line-up so i couldn't follow the story season per season, then i went and lived in China several times, and never knew what happened to the story!!!

So, thanx to the lovely inter webs, I can watch all the episodes, and relive my lost youthful years of my 20s.

Yeah... I'm such a geek!

So what?

Monsters & Dragons!