Entry #22

Artist Block...

2010-03-03 18:29:56 by BlackUniGryphon

I've been in kind of an artist block for a while... meh...


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2010-03-13 01:09:16

I like this allot.


2010-03-15 14:33:02

I find the best way out of a block is to do a piece that you have really wanted to do, but havent for whatever reason, just do it.

That or picking up a new media/ style gets your juices flowing, even if the finished product isn't good it tends to rekindle the desire or ideas to go back to your tried and true methods.

If it gets really bad just watch some www.ted.com talks and find inspiration in other people working harder than any of us every could.


2010-04-02 01:16:57

Do take your time... better to do a good job slowly than a fast one bad. ;D


2010-05-17 17:30:26

thets bed your a good artist