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I have a new film coming up. I finally got the cleanup animation DONE for the traditional animation part.

I will be posting a LOOP version.


The other pieces/parts are mostly done. I might tweak some things tho', for the final film.

All of this ACTUALLY started out as some tests for VFX & B-Roll footage as a Filmmaker/Director's Demo Reel in the winter. Then ALL OF THIS stuff happened, and now I have even MORE After Effects Plugins!

Here's the Audio files:

You're welcome to use them FOR FREE.


I was studying a lot of Particle Systems, VFX, and even masks & vectors stuff...


Part of this incorporates a kind of "brand" from a TV Series I'm producing locally on a local TV channel "A Spirit To Be Free", which interestingly is a bit of a different vibe than most of the content on it, which adds to the contrast.

You can see various version of the hand-drawn logo/symbol for "A Spirit To Be Free":


The symbolism within the logo comes from prehistoric (pre-ancient times) like geometric shapes. The "spiral" is an ancient symbol used in many prehistoric caveman paintings, and in many tribal cultures represented the unwinding path of life, or unraveling mysterics in ancient Mystery Cults, among other meanings. I also used triangles, and curves, which mash together like wings. The lines represent beams of light, like the metaphor of "enlightenment" which means to gain knowledge & experience. There's another line on the bottom that bends on the sides which represents the ground or the Earth, and a line to the spiral. Many people will look at this and see a lolly pop. ^_^

So, "succor" and "sucker" and various puns which can means to soothe a baby, fussy person, or to gain nurtition, is ironincally a lollypop which can rot your teeth, but so can milk if you don't brush them. It can also mean to pacify, or to humor someone. Anyone could quite easily find multiple aspects of meaning and symboilic menaings, including puns, within the logo.





Another bit of irony comes form the fact that I started these studies FOR THIS FILM, and ended up re-purposing MUCH of it for several other projects, including a TV show I did with my friend "Streaming To The Stars" which mostly was about talking about Specific, but ended up being about Star Trek. I did manage to tweak the graphics multiple times, but due to the heat, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and software updates as well as car breakdowns, videography gigs, and other setbacks, I'm shocked I even pulled it off at all, and in such little time.


Angel REDUX:



I've also been toying with the idea of another "brand" of sorts called "Oppressed By Purple" TM and/or "Oppressed By Violet" TM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I just REALLY liked the how the brand almost has a slogan feel, and I felt very amused by it. Purple is my favorite color, and its arguable that the color doesn't even exist even tho ultra violet does, which we can't see. That's fine with me. It reminds me of Goethe whom stated you don't actually SEE colors but experience them, and had MUCH better and more comprehensive color theory that Sir Isaac Newton.

Also, something I had often wondered was whether people see colors differently, because I personally often felt like most people couldn't perceive as many colors as I could. Purple ESPECIALLY. To me, there a certain area which I would consider purple, and beyond that its NOT purple. I mean REAL purple. NOT red purple, not maroon, not magenta, not pink purple, not blue purple, and not periwinkle. But other people would fetch items for me which were OBVIOUSLY NOT PURPLE. I never understood why people couldn't tell that something WASN'T purple but some OTHER hue.

Anyways, I felt like making a brand called "Oppressed By Purple" had that kind of "Urban Decay" kind of naughty vibe, like: I SHOULDN'T LIKE THIS! ITS SO NAUGHTY! Or, even weird Perfume commercials. Like, something decadent, or forbidden fruits. The original purple dye called "Tyrian" was excessively expensive since ancient times, and was even mentioned in the Bible as "purple cloth". Purple was often associated with royalty, wealth, and "spirituality". In modern times it's often associated with "Passion" (Purple Passion) which can have multiple meanings, such as desire, or even suffering for a cause, and is even decorative elements for villains, Halloween, and people with 2 sides of good & bad, or hidden values or virtues with secrets.

I actually have zero intention of ACTUALLY ever selling anything under that brand (so far) but more of an experimental design or series of works extension of art.

I'd been tossing it around in my head for months.... without being able to make up my mind on it... I most especially would indulge the ideas & concepts in the shower...

-so, when I mentioned it to my daughter she was like: Oh, MOM! You gotta do that! It's SO YOU!

I also feel that it could be FUNNY, humorous, and even a parody of brands...


I've ALSO been reworking & re-purposing A NUMBER of projects I shot, Directed, or worked on as a DP, and VFX ANimator & Video Editor. I did A NUMBER of projects and a SIZABLE amount of work which I NEVER WAS PAID FOR< and also NEVER signed it over to those producers/directors, and THEREFORE I actually STILL OWN.

That's actually ALMOST done, but I wrote some dialogue/poetry for that. I know that NewGrounds has an anti-photography bias most of the time, so I might NOT EVER post those here. But it DEFINITLY is QUITE the art project on several levels. Each shot was about 1/2 a day or more of work for something like 2 weeks. If I were to calculate JUST the shooting days, including prep work, by JUST minimum wage, you can probably do the math.... its a A LOT.

I might publish the audio here tho'.