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I used to work for "Top Cow Inc" (Image Comics).
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Let's just say that pretty much ALL of my Negaren projects got SCREWED. My computer was hacked so bad last year in Late October so by November it didn't work AT ALL. I sent it out for repairs & data recovery, and it took until AUGUST to get whatever was salvageable back. I basically lost pretty much EVERYTHING. And, not all of my back-ups even saved. So, I was without a computer from early November 2019 until August 2020, and stuck indoors during a pandemic quarantine lock down. IT SUCKED!

Anyways, I had a lot to think about, and refine old concepts. I also shot B-Roll footage outside. So, I came up with 2 new Brand Channels. But, ALL OF NEW GROUNDS WILL HATE IT because its non-narrative media. 1 is ASMR relaxation content, and the other is LoFi Chillout relaxation music content.

On "Oppressed By Purple" it will be mostly ASMR & Nature Sounds/Meditation (secular) content. I plan to work more on THIS content when the weather is colder, because I still plan on going outside and playing Pokemon Go for a while.


The other channel is "Oppressed By Violet" whihc is LoFi Chill-out Music with Motion Graphics Animation videos. At the moment, since the channel is new, I can ONLY make 10 min videos. ALL of the videos are totally FREE to watch, and most of them have links to FREE DOWNLOADS of the music. It's COMPLETELY NOT FOR PROFIT at the moment.

Anyways, I used several software programs for these including Adobe Creative Cloud's Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. But I also used Clip Studio Paint, and Krita.

I have a few more animation pieces up on my LoFi channel (Oppressed By Violet) which includes REDUX versions of older work I made back in 2017-2018 including "Fallen" featureing my 2 OCs: Lively & Ao Xingtao:

I have another REDUX Project which I will also be publishing as soon as its done (hopefully soon because its taking FOREVER to render).


Altho' PURPLE has ALWAYS been my favorite color for most of my life (except for when i was little and I loved red) I was tempted to do this piece in purple back when I made the original illustration in the GW Bush Era. But, since I LOST the original footage of this project, it meant I had to START OVER AGAIN... but, when I approached it, I thought it might be interesting to add to it, and sort of upgrade it... and, I literally NEVER KNEW that Photoshop had "Patterns" in the Fill options... WHO KNEW??? (apparently EVERYONE ELSE BUT ME)

Since I'd added the window to the "Fallen" piece, which was also a REDUX and improved it, I added an old fashioned Arabic/Damascus/Damask window. So, I was searching for "patterns" that were either Arabic, Persian, Islamic, or even Diwali, and not only did I find "patterns" I kept finding awesome Photoshop Brushes! I also did some refreshers with After effects, so I didn't know I could "interpolate frames" in the Puppet Tool, but I also used OLD SCHOOL layered Wave Warps.

So, I have beautiful Arabic & Islamic geometry on the walls, and the carpeting. But, the Pillow also has a beautiful silk brocade pattern that I also used "Liquefy" on. I didn't know that Photoshop had Liquefy; I thought it was only an After Effects thing...

And, since the brand is called "Oppressed By Violet", I also opted for a PURPLE version!:


Hopefully, both of these projects will be up this week, or whenever it gets done, because the rendering takes forever.

Other than that, I'm not pushing much for anything the rest of the year. Haveing said that, I do actually have a list of things I want to create. Hopefully, I'll be able to do a full #ArtVsArtist & #AnimationVsAnimator by next year. I also want to get more practice in so I can do my Qilin project.


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