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I chuckled!

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Kick ass!!!!

That was truely awesome!


NOt bad! I like the way the characters show a personality in just a few seconds. It's very sweet!
And purple!!!!

TheBoogley responds:

hey! another purple fan! I LOVE PURPLE!! :D

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Very nice

Very nice and simple.

Reminds me of the piano melodies in vintage 1990s Happy hardcore songs by Mark'Oh like "Love Song".

decoyultimatum responds:

thank you im glad you like it

i was born in the 1990s maybe when i was young my parents played some piano music

i have always loved elton john and billy joel

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Totally on model!

Really good!

I tried doing a pencil test for them... but they are so picky.
This was great! You look totally on-model!

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The feeling is there

You're obviously talented.

It just breaks my heart that the scans look so dark. You really really REALLY need to edit the image after scanning. Get a Cannon scanner.

Also, the background coloring needs some fixing because it's unbalanced.

It looks a bit unfinished.

however, the bird/subject is the best part.

I guess fine art is your thing. :)

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TheL1st responds:

the top right is darker cause i didn't predict the watercolor right and it came out too dark, should have made the other side darker to balance it out liek you say, but right now its in the possession of my advance drawing teacher which he wants to hang my birds concentration up in the school but hasn't yet and its been 2 semesters.


You're inking skills are pretty nice here.

Please try to clean and edit the image after you scan. Photoshop is your friend.

TheL1st responds:

thanks again, i wish i could scan this again but it was rather damaged when my friend moved it into his apartment

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