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Simpson's Halloween Outfits Simpson's Halloween Outfits

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Totally on model!

Really good!

I tried doing a pencil test for them... but they are so picky.
This was great! You look totally on-model!

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cardinal cardinal

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The feeling is there

You're obviously talented.

It just breaks my heart that the scans look so dark. You really really REALLY need to edit the image after scanning. Get a Cannon scanner.

Also, the background coloring needs some fixing because it's unbalanced.

It looks a bit unfinished.

however, the bird/subject is the best part.

I guess fine art is your thing. :)

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TheL1st responds:

the top right is darker cause i didn't predict the watercolor right and it came out too dark, should have made the other side darker to balance it out liek you say, but right now its in the possession of my advance drawing teacher which he wants to hang my birds concentration up in the school but hasn't yet and its been 2 semesters.

ork warboss ork warboss

Rated 4 / 5 stars


You're inking skills are pretty nice here.

Please try to clean and edit the image after you scan. Photoshop is your friend.

TheL1st responds:

thanks again, i wish i could scan this again but it was rather damaged when my friend moved it into his apartment

flesh leach flesh leach

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Are you kidding???

What? You seriously want me to critique your work?
I think you're headed in the right direction.

You definitely have skills and talent.

I would just recommend that you edit and clean your scans in Photoshop. I can see the shadows, and it doesn't make for a great presentation.

You're actual artwork is good. It reminds me of what "Fine Artists" like to do. Tho' this is Surrealism. (which I love)

Study up on expressionism & impressionism, because it seems that you like the textured look. It's almost there. And, work on line quality. It almost has what we would call "confidence" but not quite jacked in totally.

I know animals are easier to draw than humans.

Like I tell everyone go to as many life drawing classes (especially gestures) as you can. Look for the open drawing classes if u can find them, or ask teachers if u can sit in on them.

TheL1st responds:

Thank you for the critique! can't get them around here since everyone seems to
be either "10 awesome stuff"
or "blah this is shit"
anyways i responded to the critique that was a PM so i wont repeat myself
thank you again!

Henzei, The Dragon Of Dreams Henzei, The Dragon Of Dreams

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

S Composition! :)

It's good that you got a chance to draw. (I was doodling a bit today also)

The composition is actually good because we have here what is known as an "S" composition. this means it's laid out on the paper in a way that forms the shape of an "S" in which our eyes will flow with or follow.

It's very good that you continue to draw.

I would like for you to work on your shapes and forms, but also on what is called your "line quality".

Try to sketch in your art light 1st just the basic parts to be sure it lays out correctly onto the page or area your working on. since you're composition looks really good, this should (what seems obvious to me) be very easy for you, since you have the eye for it.

Then little by little you can work in your details.

Then, in your final part go over your lines. You want your lines to have what is called "confidence". Trust me I've sat through many portfolio reviews, and comics & animation studios ALL stress this.

Unless you are doing an "expressionist" style in which you use a specific type of lines, patterns, or rough like textured looks in the stylization, which has some kind of rhyme or reason, then you would go for a scratchier look, but their should be a specific intent for it.

To me it seems obvious that you definitely have a talent. So don't feel discouraged.

But, just like any person can learn to read and write letters, drawing is also like this. You need to practice, which you are doing here. So pat yourself on the back. every Kindergardener needs to write their alphabet letters over and over, and this is how the brain figures it out.

It's the process of continuously doing this that the brain automatically can figure out, adapt, and understand what it needs to do. When this sharpens into it's function & application it becomes what we call a "skill".

So, then all you have left to do is refine your skills. That should actually be easy, because talent cannot be manufactured.

What I want to convey to you most of all is the aspect of feelings and emotions. it's quite often that men have issues with these. However, you will notice that the best artist, musicians, poets/rappers, writers, etc. are seen as the best because they do this through and with their emotions. People can sence and feel this even if they do not understand that they are because it is expressed in a way they can accept.

So, don't be afraid of the emotions that come along with it. Once you begin to tap into these feelings, you will understand, and I think you have already grasped some of it. But, when other artists discuss this, and you have experienced it you will also have that understanding of what i mean.

Don't fight the feelings, go with them.

Most people misunderstand what emotions are and what they are for. People often disregard them as nucences, or things that one is supposed to overcome, or something that gets in your way. However, this is entirely WRONG. Your emotions are literally sensory tools. And every tool is useful.

That and also your dreams, most especially your day dreams. These are THE BEST tools you will ever have in creating & expressing your art.

Take regular periods of time exploring your thoughts, day-dreams, and feelings, and go into them as deep as you can.

That, and lots of Life Drawing classes, and you will be GREAT! I promise!

porkybacon responds:

thanks for theresponce! I also think I should work on my form and shape, it is off a little bit. I'll do my best to post more art!

Lightning Forest Lightning Forest

Rated 5 / 5 stars


A very nice composition!

I love it even better because it's PURPLE!!!!

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Inevitable Inevitable

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Kool! That's so creepy!

stagmobile stagmobile

Rated 3 / 5 stars


The lines look good.

Is it a toy concept design?

Fawx responds:


A Jump Into the Ocean A Jump Into the Ocean

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Yes! Purple is awesome! and awesome because it's purple!

Waterfall Waterfall

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Keep flowing!

Like like the whole graphic look to it, layout and everything.